THE JUNGLE OUTSIDE MY WINDOW DEC 2021 ©️ NYCPJ HAYWARD There is a little alleyway downstairs from my windows which face the back of the building where I live. When I moved here in 1984 or 5 there were 6 little houses down there on either side of this alleyway. They had been there since… Continue reading THE JUNGLE OUTSIDE MY WINDOW



BERNARD SAUNDERS Editor-in-Chief, LawdyMissClawdy - Life Speaks April 30, 1937 - November 11, 2019 I'm afraid I have some very sad and for me, tragic, news to announce. My friend of almost 40 years - brother, sounding board, mentor, Editor-in-Chief and major contributor to this website - has passed from this earthly world and has… Continue reading IN MEMORIAM

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Today I invite you to view my video commentary on the issue of Racial Equality - or Inequality - in our country. This video reviews America's dark and divided past, juxtaposed with our still dark and divided present - and the challenges facing us as we struggle to understand one another and heal this great… Continue reading RACE FOR EQUALITY

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MY FATHER © PJ Hayward, New York 2018 R.I.P.  Dr. Herbert L. Hayward 8/26/16 to 7/6/88 I have never before really written anything positive or even acknowledged anything positive about my father, who passed away at this time twenty years ago. My father was blessed with many gifts.  He was a gifted pianist and a… Continue reading MY FATHER

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THE FUNERAL PROCESSION OF CELIA CRUZ © PJ Hayward, New York, 2003; Revised 2012 Recently I was reminded of the irreplaceable loss, in July 2003, of one of the most beloved and extraordinary performers of our time, the legendary Cuban Queen of Song, Celia Cruz. Celia would strut, run, dance or sashay onto the stage,… Continue reading THE FUNERAL PROCESSION OF CELIA CRUZ

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UNCLE EMY © PJ Hayward New York, 2018 I think every family has at least one member that is "a character"... or maybe even the black sheep of the family. In my family it was my Uncle Emy. His name was actually Emanuel but I only ever knew him as Uncle Emy. He was the… Continue reading UNCLE EMY

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LOST © PJ Hayward New York, 2018 You have invited our old enemy Full-on, back into your world. I saw it creeping slowly.. Slithering like some acrid poison Into your world through a crack in your cocoon. You said you could control it. But we are connected... Your essence flows like radar To fill my… Continue reading LOST