Note from LawdyMissClawdy: As most of you know, Bernard W. Saunders has been Editor-in-Chief of LawdyMissClawdy - Life Speaks since its inception.  He has been my dear friend for well over 30 years and I consider him my brother.  Bernard has been my sounding board and critic of my writing during these years and he… Continue reading WHY GHANA?

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THE FUNERAL PROCESSION OF CELIA CRUZ © PJ Hayward, New York, 2003; Revised 2012 Recently I was reminded of the irreplaceable loss, in July 2003, of one of the most beloved and extraordinary performers of our time, the legendary Cuban Queen of Song, Celia Cruz. Celia would strut, run, dance or sashay onto the stage,… Continue reading THE FUNERAL PROCESSION OF CELIA CRUZ

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UNCLE EMY © PJ Hayward New York, 2018 I think every family has at least one member that is "a character"... or maybe even the black sheep of the family. In my family it was my Uncle Emy. His name was actually Emanuel but I only ever knew him as Uncle Emy. He was the… Continue reading UNCLE EMY

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LOST © PJ Hayward New York, 2018 You have invited our old enemy Full-on, back into your world. I saw it creeping slowly.. Slithering like some acrid poison Into your world through a crack in your cocoon. You said you could control it. But we are connected... Your essence flows like radar To fill my… Continue reading LOST

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SUGAR © PJ Hayward New York 1996 Your kiss is sweet. Everything about you is sweet. Your taste is sweet,              and your juice is honey… But your touch             almost crushes me                 with its power And your sweet desire             surges through to me Till I tremble in your embrace and I must… Continue reading SUGAR

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UPTOWN MAN © PJ Hayward New York, 2017 For all those reasons you know well...           I keep you at arms length now By my choice, never closer now than just a voice on the phone ..... It's where I keep you now. But you never stray - or at least… Continue reading UPTOWN MAN

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THERE IS BLOOD ON THE LAND © Bernard W. Saunders March 10, 2017 Iture/Elmina Ghana Bernard W. Saunders, Editor-in-Chief, LawdyMissClawdy - Life Speaks The days have grown into months, the months into years since two African American women, sisters, Mama Lena Diop and Nzinga Janna were brutally murdered in their homes at Fihankra, sacrificed on… Continue reading THERE IS BLOOD ON THE LAND

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"WE SHALL OVERCOME?" © PJ Hayward New York, 2017 In my youth I was a fierce militant. I was certain that we, the Youth of America, would overthrow our elitist, arrogant and controlling government and that our battle cry of Inclusiveness, Brotherhood and Enough for All, would reign. In those days, while I had great… Continue reading “WE SHALL OVERCOME?”

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LawdyMissClawdy - Life Speaks is proud to announce a new, very talented contributor to our Young Authors section. A high school senior, Lila Tabor is a young lady who views the world with a uniquely inquisitive and discerning eye, an eye that also always leaves room for a great sense of humor! We hope you will enjoy this… Continue reading WHY DOES SANTA GET ALL THE CREDIT?

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SISTER JEAN © PJ Hayward New York, 2016 Revised from first publication © PJ Hayward, New York 2008 and 2013 by Hold On Publications In my youth I was one of those kids some people referred to as "A Handful". Others called me "Out of control", "Just plain bad", "Juvenile delinquent" etc.  My father, who… Continue reading SISTER JEAN