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“THE SO-CALLED PROBLEM WITH THE BLACK COMMUNITY” – Our Response to A Rant from Bill O’Reilly – An Exchange Between Q & LawdyMissClawdy

Our Response to A Rant from Bill O’Reilly
An Exchange between Q and LawdyMissClawdy

© Q. Montgomery, Memphis TN & PJ Hayward 2013, New York

OMG I thought I was finished with all this for a while.   Bill O Reilly just opened the flood gates.

It always amazes me when people like this blatantly use factless statements to initiate a “not my fault but all your fault” summarization.  Ole billy boy says the problem with the black community is, and I’m paraphrasing here, “high crime rate, rampant drug and alcohol abuse, high unwed mother birth rates and the destruction of the black family.”  All this is true, but what he don’t talk about is how it got that way.  There is a cause and effect to every situation.

Here’s a brief history:  black families were close to 90 percent intact up to the 1960’s with bread winning fathers and stay at home moms across this country.  A small percentage of mothers actually worked outside the home.  Around 1967 there was a sharp downturn in the economy and people were out of work.  Welfare which was mostly denied black mothers previously except for a small minority, was finally made available with help from welfare rights organizations.  They were finally able to receive public assistance but it came with a hefty cost.  There were work requirements, behavior modifications and no adult male could live with his family;  doing so would jeopardize the badly needed relief.

This single handedly began the destruction of the black family in America.  Fathers left the homes so their families would be ok – not knowing that this would systematically destroy their families and families for generations to come.  However, one man did suspect this would happen and he warned the government about it, his name was Daniel P. Moynihan.  His warning subsequently fell on deaf ears.  Was it intentionally ignored?  Probably.  It was at the apex of the Civil Rights Movement and some in power thought blacks were demanding too much.  Nevertheless it became a major problem that fanned down from one generation to the next, coupled with the feminist movement where their slogans were, “You don’t need a man to raise your child”, the dumping of dangerous addictive drugs into the community, sanctioned by the Reagan administration for Iran/Contra and now black boys who had no chance of a shot at the American dream legally, because of programs being defunded under Reagan now saw drug dealing as a way out.

Girls and boys who grew up in those households in the 60’s were less likely to seek matrimony because they never really experienced the concept of a total family.  All these variables plus the media’s exploitation and demonization of black men, black music (hip hop), black culture, only added fuel to the fire.  So Mr. O’Reilly, this (which I’m sure you already knew about) should at least be examined. Not an excuse but like I said before, there are causes and effects in every situation.  But if you want to just sit and point a finger at the problem, remember when you do that four fingers are pointing back at you……..

LawdyMiss Clawdy:
This law that decreed, as a requirement for a family to receive welfare, that no adult male was to be allowed to live within the family home, was one of the steps taken in direct retaliation to the civil rights movement going on in our country at that time. Because White America was (and still is) terrified of Black America, it was decided somewhere within our government that the way to deal with the issue of Black vs. White was to CONTROL as much of the black population as possible.

How to begin?   Divide and Conquer.

Step 1: Remove the strength of Black America, the strong black male.

Step 2: Control the most defenseless of Black America – the children – by controlling their mothers. How? By offering them a means to feed their starving children – government financial assistance – but only by allowing the government to force them to live without their men.

Thus began the systematic destruction and control of the black family and subsequently a great part of the black community, by the U.S. government. Herding these now matriarchal families into vast government housing projects gave the Powers that Be a perfect way to keep those families holed up inside a designated area where they could then be further controlled by government supplied drugs and kept out of sight of White America. The beginning of a vicious cycle that continues to this very day AND, by the way, a process which is completely unknown, discounted or disbelieved by White America, whose vast majority believe and spew out erroneous and racist, hateful rhetoric such as that of Bill O’Reilly that you are talking about here.

Yep I don’t think they thought this plan would venture outside the black community, but we share so much in this country it has affected outside communities only at a much smaller degree.  These outside communities think we are the problem but we really are the solution because we have dealt with this thing for so long and are aware of the mechanics of it.

All the great movements for civil rights were spearheaded by the black civil rights movement.  That started really before the 1950’s but because of the invention of television, it really upped the steam where our voices can make other communities aware, which in turn will make us a stronger union.  The basic unit of any progressive society large or small is the family…..  destroy the family and you eventually destroy that society……

LawdyMiss Clawdy:
Yes, and this created Fear of Equality in the non-colorized community, which in turn – to repeat your phrase – upped the steam to create even more control over people of color primarily but then of course, also spreading out to those other groups that now found hope for equality.  The horror of this growth of control, spurred by Fear of Equality, is that it escalated the already rampant profiling of all people of color but especially black folks.  My own personal belief is that in herding people into government controlled ghettos – the projects found in every American City – the government now had a pond full of sitting ducks where they could go and get the police to do their dirty work for them…. shoot countless unarmed young people in the back under the guise of self defense…OR….round up scores more young black men and send them to the penitentiary where they then could throw away the key:  because herding people into ghettos is not enough. Understand now, I am not saying this coming from some hateful, left-skewed extremist view.  I am saying it is just a fact;  and the fact is that I have continually witnessed all of the above for the majority of my youth and virtually all of my adult life, in every sector of the United States in which I have lived which includes the northeast, mid-south, southeast, central southwest and western United States.

I will concede that there may be pockets of non-colorized America where there are exceptions to the rule but in general, the white man is so fearful of the black man that the white man feels a need to just simply ELIMINATE as many black men as possible. Why? 1. Out of sight out of mind…..no more ghetto people fouling up the pristine manicured lawns and lives of white America and worse, touching all their young girls and 2. Elimination of any number of black folks, in the minds of many white folks, means Peace on Earth Good Will to men.

Really it is mind boggling when you think about what has been done to decimate the black race in this country. You truly can compare it to the extermination of the Native American peoples that barely exist here now. The only difference is that Native Americans were not bred as beasts of burden for 300 years.

When slavery ended, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of black folks were forced out on their own and….  lo and behold…. they learned how to read, succeed and become expert at anything they tried.  Blacks became successful landowners, bankers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, educators, writers and inventors.  They successfully accomplished every other conceivable task, business, financial deal or intellectual challenge that confronted them –  very often better and more productively than their former slave masters. Then eventually, they came out into the open with their formerly hidden relationships with white women. THAT is why the White man fears the Black man and that is why there is a faction of America that still is trying to systematically eliminate the black man whenever and wherever possible. White people have looked at me like they were about to call the men in the White coats on the ONE or TWO occasions I have ever spoken this way out loud over my past 69 years of life. But the brothers know what time it is.

Wow Ms. Clawdy is this you?

LawdyMiss Clawdy:
Same as I have always been Q. Just like I said, rarely speak these things out loud. Were you nodding your head?

No I was smiling like I am now.  Lol.  Loving it

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