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Dream 3

© PJ Hayward, New York  2001 

Ever since I was very small I have had vivid dreams about all kinds of things.  When I reached my teens I became aware that occasionally I would meet up with people or situations that I had dreamed about, but I always chalked it up to either my imagination or one of those Déjà Vu moments that everyone has from time to time.  This story is about one of my dreams.  I will leave it up to you to decide if you think it was just a random dream. 

In this dream I saw 2 very, very tall and skinny palm trees.  The day was beautiful – clear, blue beautiful skies with just a wisp of cloud here or there and the sun was shining brightly. 

Out of the sky suddenly, came a plane flying very low.  It came nearer and nearer and flew so close to the palm trees that the wing of the plane clipped the trunk of one of the trees. 

In my dream I felt such raw terror….I can’t even describe it.  But after the shock of terror, I felt grateful that I wasn’t hurt. 

Piercing my moment of prayerful gratitude, a second plane rushed in, flying very, very low, just like the first one.  This plane came closer and closer and then…. it crashed into the second palm tree and exploded into a gargantuan fireball.  

In my dream I ran and ran and ran to escape the flames and debris.  I screamed horrific screams and screamed until I woke up, traumatized and shaking uncontrollably. 

Finally, realizing I was now awake, I knew it had been just a dream. 

But it was so REAL.  Was it a premonition?  Was I having a premonition of a plane crash?  But what airline?  Where?  Who could I tell?  What could I even tell? I had no information.  Anyway, it was just a dream – a horrible nightmare.  In the end I told no one but just rushed to get ready for work. 

This dream happened about a month or so before the 2 planes flew into the World Trade Center on 9/11.  

I will never know if my dream had any real significance – but I wanted to put it on paper in my journal so I did that back in 2001.  Now I have shared it with you.

6 thoughts on “DREAM”

  1. That’s the trouble with dreams–they don’t give specifics. But it was probably warning you of the impending disaster. I agree that you couldn’t tell people about it because you had no proof. God was watching you at that time. By the way, were you working in Manhattan at the time?


    1. Hi Beautiful Rose! Yes, I was working in Manhattan at that Luxury Retailer I wrote about in my previous stories. It was probably a good thing because this was such a disturbing dream, but that job was so difficult and harried it really took my mind away from the dream, so after a few days it was just a really bad dream….until the World Trade Center happened and then the dream became really a horrible question that I still am questioning as you can see by this story.


  2. Dream? Premonition? Foresight?Intuition? Ever been someplace and knew you had been there before? Ever had the feeling that as Yogi Berra said: This is de ja vu all over again? If the Source of such feelings thoughts dreams ideas is acceptable for past events why then are we so skeptical about future events. In my view Portals work both ways. There is nothing you could have done then. Those who could have done something did not. You are blessed with many gifts. This is another. Later. bernard w. saunders


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