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New York, 2015

Since I do not have the brainpower to think of a way to cure the ills besetting our entire planet, I want to respond to our Editor in Chief’s previous post in terms of the country I live in right now – the country he has escaped from – America.  Although this country is commonly known as the United States of America, as you know I prefer to call it the Divided States of America because that is how it has been in this fractured country ever since the first European ever set his divisive foot on its shores.

After knowing our Editor in Chief, Bernard Saunders,  for well over 30 years, what he speaks on in “Enough” is probably the most important, crystal clear and honest critique of the situation going on with mankind today – and obviously long before today – that I personally have ever seen to come from his pen.

In my opinion the murderous rampage that is going on today on both sides of the law and in the halls of so-called “justice” can be severely lessened and probably eliminated through the even-ing out of economic distribution. When a person is hungry and even more so when a person sees their child in need, it can drive a person to do any act that might be unthinkable in other circumstances. I will not even address the issue of hatred because not only is that so blaringly obvious, but it seems to be a frame of mind that just does not go away – in spite of my own personal belief that change can come by one person at a time. No matter how many individual Human Beings try to shine their light before Swine, that light continues to be unseen by the great majority.  The one pinpoint of hope is that even if it is only recognized by one other individual, it still brings the possibility of change by at least that one other individual.

So I will just address Bernard’s eloquent article as follows:

B, I know you have been a warrior for justice all your life.  You constantly exhort all of us elders to keep on speaking Truth to Power in order to hopefully preserve the shreds that are left of our world for the young people coming behind us. But to my viewpoint, one of the greatest tragedies that has befallen not only our young people but maybe I’ll say all the people in this country as a whole, is that some of this strife could be avoided if only people were able to receive the training and education needed to learn the skills that would allow them to flourish (I will elaborate in a minute). In flourishing, some of the division that has been forced upon people of color in this country could be ameliorated – maybe even eliminated.


As we have discussed many times, our country has been systematically divided by our government in ways too numerous to count.  We have discussed it at length on this website and in person. But my view remains that the key to healing – at least in our country – is Unification. A united people cannot be broken.

By unification I mean FIGHT THE POWER THROUGH UNITED FINANCE.  Keep Money of Color in Communities of Color because the only way to defeat the Powers that Be in this country is to drain and eliminate the thing that makes them powerful: THEIR MONEY.

THERE IS POWER IN FINANCIAL UNIFICATION. Buy Black & Brown.  Bank Black & Brown. Co-op Black & Brown. THINK Black & Brown.

Communities of color must buy from people of color, sell to people of color.  People of color must own their own businesses and keep their business transactions, their financial transactions, their schools, churches and community activities within their own community. I am NOT saying to leave the country or create a Liberia here in America, or anything like that.  I’m speaking strictly of finance. If you want your child to go to a private school then send them to a school run by someone from your own community. If you want to save money, have a checking account, have a financial advisor – keep those transactions within a financial institution run by people of color. Buy Black and Brown, bank Black and Brown, THINK Black and Brown. Form Co-ops of Color so that people can get great prices by buying in quantity.  Eliminate the NEED to shop at Walmart because Coops of Color will be able to negotiate low prices simply on the basis of buying in huge quantities.

Unification:   Unification of Mind.  Unification of Purpose.  FINANCIAL UNIFICATION.

But there is a trick to keeping money of color within the confines of communities of color. The trick is education and training. By that I mean in order to work for oneself and not contribute to the deep pockets of the 1% that currently control us, one must understand the principles and tricks of business. How does one learn those tricks?

By using the Government systems currently in place and using them to our own advantage.

One does not need thousands of dollars or even any dollars to become educated and knowledgeable. You do not need a college degree to become educated.

One stellar advantage of living in this country is that we have at our disposal FREE libraries, countless billions of words to educate ourselves: books, videos, audio tapes, free classes, every type of edification one can think of, all FREE, to illuminate our minds, inspire us and give us the tools we need to prosper. In addition to the library there is the Internet. On the Internet (which also can be accessed for free at any public library in the Divided States of America) one has the option to search for any kind of information that one is inspired to look for. And even more, right here in New York City where I live there are many FREE programs and classes available through the City or State to train people in the skills and secrets that one needs to know in order to flourish as an entrepreneur or to start, keep and expand a business of one’s own. (***SEE LINKS BELOW TO ACCESS NYC WEB PAGE OF FREE BUSINESS INFO, CLASSES AND ASSISTANCE PLUS OTHER HELPFUL SITES)  There are classes available in how to start a business, how to write a business plan, how to structure yourself as a business owner and how to incorporate yourself, do taxes, do Social security paperwork for employees, how to get certified as a Minority Business so that you can apply for Federal financial assistance, any number of classes ALL FREE that can help us pull ourselves up from out of the mire that has been left for us to sink in if we don’t try to lift ourselves up out from it.

Bernard that is my idea of the cure for what ails us, the cure for what you have written about here.

With FREE education and training, our young people would not have to enroll in the armed services in order to garner a paycheck or receive job training or a college degree: those same armed services that consider them to be expendable Robots of War.

With education and training our young people can either learn to be entrepreneurs and start their own businesses or they can develop the skills needed to get and hold down a job, thereby eliminating the need to try and earn a living by putting their life on the line for a country that does not love them, will not support them, and wants only to use them as expendable pawns in their financial game of chess.

Being in charge of one’s own life automatically fosters self-confidence, self-empowerment, a feeling of self-worth, a strong self-image, and the needed energy to become one of those Beacons of Light that can shine and maybe even be noticed by those around them as a possibility for a new way of living.




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4 thoughts on “RESPONSE TO “ENOUGH!” – There is a way to FIGHT THE POWER THROUGH FINANCE!”

    1. Hi Rose, Thank you … well some if this is being done now. There is a lot going on in the community as fas as the younger generation of people of color and particularly young people of African descent. Many are trying to unify as far as finances and shop in their own communities. There is also a lot of talk going around regarding militant mobilization. although in my youth I advocated the use of defensive (but not offensive) violence, I have learned that the only thing that accomplishes is massacre on both sides of the law but mostly massacre of the People. So the ideas outlined here are meant as a real alternative to taking up arms, because nothing can be accomplished that way.


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