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It is with tremendous pride I introduce to you today, a new and important contributor to our YOUNG AUTHORS section.

At only 15 years old, Aaron Tabor is a young man with such vision, clarity and understanding of Human Nature and our precarious role as Humans in the Universe, that I know you will enjoy this glimpse into the mind of one so young in years but so old in wisdom.

Please join me in congratulating Aaron on his outstanding first contribution to this website.

© Aaron James Tabor
New York, 2016

Pushing through the crowded hallways
To get to a room with obtuse children
Instructed by a person to copy what I’m told without questioning
To receive a number that society will define me by
A number to determine my destiny

I make social interactions to meet people
To help me get a higher number
The bigger the number the better I am

Spending my entire life working on a number
But in the end what is it all worth?
No, I can’t say that
Natural thoughts distract me
That number is all I have

4 thoughts on “THE NUMBER”

  1. What a wonderful poem. This young man is a genius and is thoughtful too. Thank you for letting me know about it.


  2. Such a young man with such a wonderful talent. He understands more than most teenagers do. Thank you for forwwarding this to me.


  3. bernardsaunders2003

    Congratulations on another wonderful find. I will have to revisit this one again. b-


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