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© Bernard W. Saunders
March 10, 2017
Iture/Elmina Ghana

Bernard W. Saunders, Editor-in-Chief, LawdyMissClawdy – Life Speaks

The days have grown into months, the months into years since two African American women, sisters, Mama Lena Diop and Nzinga Janna were brutally murdered in their homes at Fihankra, sacrificed on the altars of greed and avarice to the god of money and power.

Their broken bodies unceremoniously discarded in a shallow grave within walking distance of their homes, their blood consecrates the land on which they lived and for which they died. The struggle for possession and control of the land is the context in which any inquiry with credibility should begin.

As we demand justice from the authorities we are reminded that the dehumanizing drumbeat that preceded the deaths of our sisters was in part from within as well as outside of the diaspora community.

It is their blood on the land; their blood that calls for justice in the face of silence from two nations: residents of Ghana and citizens of the United States, one is left to wonder if the absence of a hue and cry, the dearth of effort would have been any different on both sides of the Atlantic ocean had they not been Black women. History having witnessed the unrelenting efforts to leave no stone unturned at the death of non- Blacks outside of their homelands clearly says nay.

But such things cannot be spoken of in polite company, though whispered in hushed tones within the expatriate community, as the same disquieting drum beat that preceded the death of Mama Lena and Nzinga can be heard again, this time directed at those demanding justice for our sisters.

If as alleged in published reports the alleged confessed killer has killed before the question remains: at whose behest the killer acted this time and who profited from the blood on the land?

How many more Diasporas’ must die at behest of the powers behind the deaths of the Sisters before a concerted effort is made to identify and bring to justice those who are truly responsible for the spilling of the blood on the land.

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