bernard birthday copy

Editor-in-Chief, LawdyMissClawdy – Life Speaks
April 30, 1937 – November 11, 2019

I’m afraid I have some very sad and for me, tragic, news to announce.

My friend of almost 40 years – brother, sounding board, mentor, Editor-in-Chief and major contributor to this website – has passed from this earthly world and has gone on to brighten and illuminate that unknown place we ourselves have yet to discover.

A gifted, perceptive writer and a fierce and relentless warrior in speaking Truth to Power, Bernard dearly loved and respected young people. He often cautioned all elders to continually shine the light of their knowledge and experience to those young people so that they in turn can carry the torch forward in that same relentless fight in speaking that Truth to Power.

B. there will never be another like you. God bless you. I will never stop respecting you and loving you as my brother.



2 thoughts on “IN MEMORIAM”

    1. Hello, Thank you so much for your thoughtful regards and for taking the time to post this comment. Your kindness is greatly appreciated and I will pass your condolences on to the family. Peace.


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