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Today I invite you to view my video commentary on the issue of Racial Equality - or Inequality - in our country. This video reviews America's dark and divided past, juxtaposed with our still dark and divided present - and the challenges facing us as we struggle to understand one another and heal this great… Continue reading RACE FOR EQUALITY

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UNCLE EMY © PJ Hayward New York, 2018 I think every family has at least one member that is "a character"... or maybe even the black sheep of the family. In my family it was my Uncle Emy. His name was actually Emanuel but I only ever knew him as Uncle Emy. He was the… Continue reading UNCLE EMY

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"WE SHALL OVERCOME?" © PJ Hayward New York, 2017 In my youth I was a fierce militant. I was certain that we, the Youth of America, would overthrow our elitist, arrogant and controlling government and that our battle cry of Inclusiveness, Brotherhood and Enough for All, would reign. In those days, while I had great… Continue reading “WE SHALL OVERCOME?”

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SISTER JEAN © PJ Hayward New York, 2016 Revised from first publication © PJ Hayward, New York 2008 and 2013 by Hold On Publications In my youth I was one of those kids some people referred to as "A Handful". Others called me "Out of control", "Just plain bad", "Juvenile delinquent" etc.  My father, who… Continue reading SISTER JEAN

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SOUL ON FIRE © PJ HAYWARD NEW YORK, 2015 With all that is going on in the world right now, I thought I'd take us in a  different direction today. Those of us who have been around for awhile may remember some of what I am talking about. . .but maybe the young people can… Continue reading SOUL ON FIRE

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THE FRUITS OF WAR © PJ HAYWARD NEW YORK, 2014 Recently I was watching a documentary about the Roosevelt family.  In amongst tales of the exploits of Bully Teddy Roosevelt, the “Dragon Lady” mother of Franklin Roosevelt and the general regaling of the Holy Roosevelt Dynasty, a small newsreel piece was tucked into a corner… Continue reading THE FRUITS OF WAR

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First Published 2008 by Hold On Publications © PJ Hayward New York, 2008 Revised 2014 © PJ Hayward, New York If you have followed some of the stories on this site, you will know that I was thrown into a girls convent reformatory school at a young age.  While there, I met and became involved… Continue reading SHIPWRECKED STILL AT THE DOCK

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© PJ Hayward 2010 First Published 2011 by Hold On Publications Revised © PJ Hayward, New York 2014 Long ago when I was in my early twenties, I was living in an area of Los Angeles called Silverlake.  Among the rising and falling Silverlake hills, flourishing treescapes and other vegetation fill every crack and crevice with… Continue reading THE TELEPHONE MAN

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BUT THEN – THE LEGENDARY PARTY!! PART 6 OF A SERIES - STORIES FROM A LIFE © PJ Hayward, New York 2008 First Published 2008 by Hold On Publications Revised © PJ Hayward New York 2013 Now, being homeless wasn’t such a bad or unusual thing for young people in California in those days because… Continue reading BUT THEN – THE LEGENDARY PARTY!!

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HOMELESS PART 5 OF A SERIES - STORIES FROM A LIFE © PJ Hayward, New York 2008 First Published 2008 by Hold On Publications Revised © PJ Hayward New York 2013 Jess and Peggy were both members of our church and they brought us over to the L.A. Office to introduce us around. The L.A.… Continue reading HOMELESS