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In looking through some old notes I found an unpublished post written by our Senior Contributing Writer, "Q" Montgomery, who was tragically taken from us almost two years ago. Now, especially in light of the murderous rampage being waged today against the black man by some of our so-called "peace officers" who are sworn to… Continue reading A MESSAGE TO THE BROTHERS

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THE 600 YEAR OLD TREE © PJ Hayward New York, 2016 Sunday morning I woke up to a fabulous Fall day; cool, crisp Fall air, blue skies and bright, beautiful sunshine - what a morning! Sunday was to be a family day and my son suggested we take advantage of the weather and go for… Continue reading THE 600 YEAR OLD TREE

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It is with tremendous pride I introduce to you today, a new and important contributor to our YOUNG AUTHORS section. At only 15 years old, Aaron Tabor is a young man with such vision, clarity and understanding of Human Nature and our precarious role as Humans in the Universe, that I know you will enjoy this… Continue reading THE NUMBER

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LawdyMissClawdy - Life Speaks is proud to introduce a new contributor to our "Young Authors" category:  Ms. Teresa Deely. At just 16 years old, Ms.Deely possesses an insight well beyond her years.  With an ability to look deep inside our hearts and uncover those secret places we all keep tucked away in hidden corners, Ms.… Continue reading A QUEST FOR A GENUINE LOVER

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TOUCH © 2014 PJ Hayward, New York   I still feel you In the night, when darkness has me in its fold   I feel you reaching over…. your long fingers gliding softly around my waist.   Your warm touch gentle now, because you love me….   You pull me to you…your touch no longer… Continue reading TOUCH

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SEDER 2014

FROM GHANA, FROM THE DESK OF OUR EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, BERNARD SAUNDERS AN INTROSPECTIVE, VIEWED FROM THE VANTAGE POINT OF THE WORLD DIASPORA AS IT RELATES TO A TRADITIONAL JEWISH CELEBRATION OF FREEDOM SEDER 2014 © Bernard W. Saunders June 19, 2014 Iture-Elmina Ghana, West Africa “Seder 2014” is probably one of the more sensitive pieces of… Continue reading SEDER 2014

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In support of the tremendously gifted and spiritual young people who bless our lives with their thoughts and views, LawdyMissClawdy – Life Speaks takes great pride in announcing the creation of a new website category: “Young Authors”. To christen this new category we are honored to present an original work by an exceptional young student… Continue reading FREEDOM

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FROM GHANA, FROM THE DESK OF OUR EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, BERNARD SAUNDERS TO FROLIC (PRACTICALLY) NAKED IN THE RAIN © Bernard W. Saunders May 29, 2014 Iture-Elmina Ghana, West Africa   It is the rainy season here in the Central Region of Ghana where I live. It is my understanding that this season can run from June… Continue reading TO FROLIC (PRACTICALLY) NAKED IN THE RAIN

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SATURDAY NIGHT © PJ Hayward, New York 2014 There's a party going on outside my window… Downstairs. ...outside... out in the back of one of those buildings down there.... From my perch up here on the fifth floor of my building, I am loving the music of Mexico as it flows up here from the happiness… Continue reading SATURDAY NIGHT

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HOMELESS PART 5 OF A SERIES - STORIES FROM A LIFE © PJ Hayward, New York 2008 First Published 2008 by Hold On Publications Revised © PJ Hayward New York 2013 Jess and Peggy were both members of our church and they brought us over to the L.A. Office to introduce us around. The L.A.… Continue reading HOMELESS