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Today I invite you to view my video commentary on the issue of Racial Equality - or Inequality - in our country. This video reviews America's dark and divided past, juxtaposed with our still dark and divided present - and the challenges facing us as we struggle to understand one another and heal this great… Continue reading RACE FOR EQUALITY

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SISTER JEAN © PJ Hayward New York, 2016 Revised from first publication © PJ Hayward, New York 2008 and 2013 by Hold On Publications In my youth I was one of those kids some people referred to as "A Handful". Others called me "Out of control", "Just plain bad", "Juvenile delinquent" etc.  My father, who… Continue reading SISTER JEAN

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It is with tremendous pride I introduce to you today, a new and important contributor to our YOUNG AUTHORS section. At only 15 years old, Aaron Tabor is a young man with such vision, clarity and understanding of Human Nature and our precarious role as Humans in the Universe, that I know you will enjoy this… Continue reading THE NUMBER

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LawdyMissClawdy - Life Speaks is proud to introduce a new contributor to our "Young Authors" category:  Ms. Teresa Deely. At just 16 years old, Ms.Deely possesses an insight well beyond her years.  With an ability to look deep inside our hearts and uncover those secret places we all keep tucked away in hidden corners, Ms.… Continue reading A QUEST FOR A GENUINE LOVER

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First Published 2008 by Hold On Publications © PJ Hayward New York, 2008 Revised 2014 © PJ Hayward, New York If you have followed some of the stories on this site, you will know that I was thrown into a girls convent reformatory school at a young age.  While there, I met and became involved… Continue reading SHIPWRECKED STILL AT THE DOCK

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FROM GHANA from the desk of our Editor-in-Chief, Bernard W. Saunders: An in-depth commentary on Ghana today. Popcorn, Plantain, Sorrel, Oranges, Limes © Bernard W. Saunders 12/15/13 Iture-Elmina Ghana Ghana is a nation with a noble and ancient history. Blessed with mineral wealth: gold, rubber, industrial diamonds, silver bauxite, manganese, timber and hydro power. The… Continue reading POPCORN, PLAINTAIN, SORREL, ORANGES, LIMES

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HOW I MET AUNTIE MAME © PJ Hayward, New York 2009 © Revised PJ Hayward, New York 2013 As you may know if you have read a previous post or two on this site, I was sent to a girls convent reform school as a young teenager, I was 13 years old.  I was still… Continue reading HOW I MET AUNTIE MAME

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IS FEMINISM DESTROYING OUR YOUNG MEN – SPECIFICALLY OUR YOUNG BLACK MEN? © 2013 PJ Hayward, New York and Q Montgomery, Memphis, TN My esteemed colleague Q recently brought an issue to my attention that I want to talk about here and hopefully engender some feedback from whoever is reading this blog. The issue is,… Continue reading IS FEMINISM DESTROYING OUR YOUNG MEN – SPECIFICALLY OUR YOUNG BLACK MEN?

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A BIT OF LEVITY:  TERRORIZING BEATRICE © PJ Hayward, New York 2010 Revised © PJ Hayward, New York 2013 When I was a young girl I was wild, uncontrollable and a juvenile delinquent who stayed in continual trouble.  As a consequence of this, my defeated father sent me to a convent reform school to be… Continue reading A BIT OF LEVITY: TERRORIZING BEATRICE