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Editor-in-Chief, LawdyMissClawdy – Life Speaks
April 30, 1937 – November 11, 2019

I’m afraid I have some very sad and for me, tragic, news to announce.

My friend of almost 40 years – brother, sounding board, mentor, Editor-in-Chief and major contributor to this website – has passed from this earthly world and has gone on to brighten and illuminate that unknown place we ourselves have yet to discover.

A gifted, perceptive writer and a fierce and relentless warrior in speaking Truth to Power, Bernard dearly loved and respected young people. He often cautioned all elders to continually shine the light of their knowledge and experience to those young people so that they in turn can carry the torch forward in that same unrelentless fight in speaking that Truth to Power.

B. there will never be another like you. God bless you. I will never stop respecting you and loving you as my brother.




It is with the utmost and deepest sorrow that LawdyMissClawdy – Life Speaks announces the sudden and unexpected passing from this life of our Senior Contributing Writer, beloved and trusted friend of over 40 years and a true Human Being, Sherman “Q” Montgomery.

Q was a gifted artist, seeing beauty in an unusual way and able to transfer that vision to paint and canvas with great sensitivity.

Q was also a realist who keenly observed Truth in Life and reported on his observations honestly and expertly both on this website and through social media as well as through cherished mentoring relationships with young people.

Although Q frequently travelled throughout the Divided States of America, Memphis, TN remained his life long home base.  There in his home town as a very young man, the day after Dr. King’s assassination, he marched with Dr. King’s widow Coretta Scott King in support of the striking garbage workers – his first battle in his continual fight in speaking Truth to Power.  He remained a lifelong soldier in the struggle for Civil Rights and a tireless champion of uplifting the image and self confidence of the Strong and Intelligent Black Male.

On a professional level, the loss to LawdyMissClawdy – Life Speaks is unmeasurable.  Q’s keen eyes, ears and voice can never be duplicated.

On a personal level, I am devastated by this loss.  Friend from my youth; friend, confidant and fellow student of Life in our older age, it will be a very long time before I am able to come to terms with the unexpected disappearance of this great and beloved friend from my life.

December, 2014

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