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SISTER JEAN © PJ Hayward New York, 2016 Revised from first publication © PJ Hayward, New York 2008 and 2013 by Hold On Publications In my youth I was one of those kids some people referred to as "A Handful". Others called me "Out of control", "Just plain bad", "Juvenile delinquent" etc.  My father, who… Continue reading SISTER JEAN

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FROM GHANA from the desk of our Editor-in-Chief, Bernard W. Saunders: An in-depth commentary on Ghana today. Popcorn, Plantain, Sorrel, Oranges, Limes © Bernard W. Saunders 12/15/13 Iture-Elmina Ghana Ghana is a nation with a noble and ancient history. Blessed with mineral wealth: gold, rubber, industrial diamonds, silver bauxite, manganese, timber and hydro power. The… Continue reading POPCORN, PLAINTAIN, SORREL, ORANGES, LIMES