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FROM GHANA, FROM THE DESK OF OUR EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, BERNARD SAUNDERS TO FROLIC (PRACTICALLY) NAKED IN THE RAIN © Bernard W. Saunders May 29, 2014 Iture-Elmina Ghana, West Africa   It is the rainy season here in the Central Region of Ghana where I live. It is my understanding that this season can run from June… Continue reading TO FROLIC (PRACTICALLY) NAKED IN THE RAIN

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MY BEST FRIEND © PJ Hayward, New York  2014 She has been my best friend all my life.. As children, we built forts and fought off bloodthirsty pirates and murderous robbers… Together we rode our trusty steeds through endless western canyons and mountain trails in search of kidnappers, cattle rustlers and assorted other nasty varmints. All were as… Continue reading MY BEST FRIEND

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SATURDAY NIGHT © PJ Hayward, New York 2014 There's a party going on outside my window… Downstairs. ...outside... out in the back of one of those buildings down there.... From my perch up here on the fifth floor of my building, I am loving the music of Mexico as it flows up here from the happiness… Continue reading SATURDAY NIGHT

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DANCE © PJ Hayward New York 2014   I feel the music that pounding rhythm.. Aahh.... Oh yessss... The drums... The drums.......... that Latin beat…. that Afro beat…. the throbbing…..pounding…… in the air through the floor infecting my feet like electricity... it flows like lightning through my body  I am on fire........   Someone feels… Continue reading DANCE

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MY CHAIR © PJ Hayward, New York 2011 I nod off in my chair now. From my chair I can look beyond the rusty fire escape outside my window, to the maze of buildings beyond, growing ever more abundant with the passing of time. Where beautiful trees were once filled with singing birds, now rise… Continue reading MY CHAIR

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FROM GHANA from the desk of our Editor-in-Chief, Bernard W. Saunders: An in-depth commentary on Ghana today. Popcorn, Plantain, Sorrel, Oranges, Limes © Bernard W. Saunders 12/15/13 Iture-Elmina Ghana Ghana is a nation with a noble and ancient history. Blessed with mineral wealth: gold, rubber, industrial diamonds, silver bauxite, manganese, timber and hydro power. The… Continue reading POPCORN, PLAINTAIN, SORREL, ORANGES, LIMES

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IS FEMINISM DESTROYING OUR YOUNG MEN – SPECIFICALLY OUR YOUNG BLACK MEN? © 2013 PJ Hayward, New York and Q Montgomery, Memphis, TN My esteemed colleague Q recently brought an issue to my attention that I want to talk about here and hopefully engender some feedback from whoever is reading this blog. The issue is,… Continue reading IS FEMINISM DESTROYING OUR YOUNG MEN – SPECIFICALLY OUR YOUNG BLACK MEN?