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LawdyMissClawdy - Life Speaks is proud to announce a new, very talented contributor to our Young Authors section. A high school senior, Lila Tabor is a young lady who views the world with a uniquely inquisitive and discerning eye, an eye that also always leaves room for a great sense of humor! We hope you will enjoy this… Continue reading WHY DOES SANTA GET ALL THE CREDIT?

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FROM GHANA, FROM THE DESK OF OUR EDITOR IN CHIEF ENOUGH! © Bernard W. Saunders Iture-Elmina, Ghana West Africa December 28, 2014 “If you come to a fork in the road take it”: Yogi Berra The Book of Awakening, Conari Press, © 2000 Mark Nepo The United States of America again finds itself at a racial fork in… Continue reading ENOUGH!

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The Bracero Monument, a sculpture by Dan Medina at Migrant's Bend Plaza in Los Angeles, California.  It honors the Mexican Migrant Workers who came to the US to fill labor shortages during WWII.  But in my mind, this monument also honors the thousands who continue to labor in American fields, homes, factories and businesses where… Continue reading CHICANO HEART