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Welcome to LawdyMissClawdy:  Life Speaks!

This site was created with multiple goals in mind.

Via several authors, many of our posts are political in nature and deal with issues facing the average Human Being just trying to make it in life.

Considering the current state of financial and emotional disarray being felt by individuals and nations alike, we often explore the impact or the cause of this disarray as it relates to governmental control being painfully felt by people, primarily here in the United States.  We also explore the role of the media in disseminating the narrow-minded and self absorbed posturing of both certain political leaders as well as media personalities.

In addition to the political side of this site we also have published many tales and stories just for entertainment.  Some are funny – some – not so much.  All deal with Life.  Experiences, joys, sorrows, pain and triumph of Life.

Our goal is to try to foster thought, feeling and debate among our readers.  Comments are welcome and requested, as eliciting commentary is one of the hopeful outgrowths of this blog. ANONYMOUS COMMENTS ARE WELCOME and you do not need to leave an email address in order to leave a comment, even though the site will ask you for one – your comment will post whether you leave a name or an email address or not.

Click on the page that interests you most – or visit our Home Page to access all our posts and comments in one place.

Please visit us often, as content will change and grow.  DO leave commentary and post your own views and reactions to the posts you will find here.

If you wish to leave a private email or you have a question, please feel free to email us at:



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