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© PJ Hayward, New York 2013

So here we are, witnessing another case of the 1% trying to deny the other 99% of us even the tiniest crumb of a break in our quest to just keep hearth and home together.

While these so-called lawmakers in Congress are going home each evening to their feather beds, fireplaces, personal chefs, personal trainers, maids and butlers, do they even give the tiniest moment of thought as to how the rest of the world is faring on those same evenings in THEIR homes?  That is, if the rest of the world even has a home to go to, which of course many do not.

All these Government workers who will now be expected to live indefinitely without pay, many of them live paycheck to paycheck and all these workers have to eat.  A great many have families that depend on them for food and shelter.  Many have needed medications they will no longer be able to pay for.  How many of them will eventually see an eviction notice tacked to their front door when they can’t pay their rent?

“LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!!” says the GOP.

As if that isn’t bad enough, until today, roughly 48 MILLION people in the United States have been squeaking by without health care.  How many people have died for lack of it?  How many are suffering every day of their lives with pain, asthma, untreated injuries and illness?

Again,  “LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!!” says the GOP.

Now the majority of those living without health care in the U.S. are WORKING and CONTRIBUTING to those non-services and benefits their tax dollars are paying for.  These working middle class tax payers build our roads and bridges, care for our children, process our endless every day paperwork, grow our food and stand for hours behind counters, cash registers and clothing racks in shops and malls to make sure we can take home the necessities of every day life.

Congress is essentially trying to deny these hard working human beings the right to LIVE, because if they become ill and cannot be medically treated they can and DO die of neglect.

This stonewalling in Congress in unconscionable.

I urge every person who cares enough to read this blog to contact your local Congress Person and DEMAND an end to this madness!

Here is a link to the US Government website to find your Congress Person and how to contact them to voice your opinions, all you have to do is put in your zip code.


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